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  • Curated examples of bolognese guards?
    by /u/The-Mighty-Roo on October 30, 2020 at 6:24 am

    Hey all! I’m working on migrating my study from German to Bolognese Because Reasons. My primary focus is in Spadone, and I found a lovely compilation of guard images taken from manuals and curated into a pdf over at However, I’m rapidly discovering that in order to understand the Marozzo I’m going to need to gain at least some amount of understanding of sidesword, likely through Dall’Agocchie or Manciolino. Currently I’ve found more study aids for Aggy so I intend to start with him. BUT all that said, I’m trying to find a convenient set of images of the guards for sidesword+buckler primarily which I can conventently print off for my own reference. If such images exist for other weapons used within the system then great, I’ll use that too. But the sidesword is the current focus. submitted by /u/The-Mighty-Roo [link] [comments]

  • Help with historical accuracy concerning rapiers and hilt “fashion ”
    by /u/Imaginary_Company263 on October 30, 2020 at 1:06 am

    So basically I’m pretty new to historical swords though I have some general knowledge on random bits here and there. Recently got pretty into rapier styles and the Mousquetaires de la Garde (Musketeers) and their styles. However, while I can find some fairly standard styles for Spanish, Italian, and German guard styles (cup, ring/swept hilt, pappenheimer) I can’t find many for French or English styled hilts since the water is a bit muddied from either movie/tv swords, or just a lack of information available. Was wondering if anyone could help point me in the right direction or even had examples of what a “French rapier” may have looked like, or if there just was no typical hilt that the French developed and/or found preferable. submitted by /u/Imaginary_Company263 [link] [comments]

  • Maintenance and Care for Wooden Wasters/Weapons?
    by /u/screenaholic on October 29, 2020 at 9:46 pm

    I’ve been learning longsword with a wooden waster from PHA, and intend to soon buy a quarterstaff and/or spear trainer from them as well, and I was wondering if I needed to do anything to them to maintain them and prevent rotting, or anything? submitted by /u/screenaholic [link] [comments]

  • What blade tip do you find better in a steel sword or feder?
    by /u/scolomahema on October 29, 2020 at 6:23 pm

    I want to buy my first feder, but I don’t know what type of blade tip is the best, or the type that is more used in the community. I would like to read your experiences. View Poll submitted by /u/scolomahema [link] [comments]

  • Mask Question
    by /u/Kaigarulfr on October 29, 2020 at 7:38 am

    Hi everyone, just had a quick question regarding a specific brand of mask I’m looking at. I currently have one from Blue Gauntlet and it’s perfectly fine, but I’m looking into getting a second one as a backup/loaner mask for when the situation might call for it. I’ve been looking on Amazon, as I was given a gift card for my birthday and figured why not, and came across two different brands that I’m not familiar with: Leonark, and ThreeWOT. The reviews on Amazon are positive, but I figured I’d see if anyone knew anything about them. Also, can anyone actually explain to me the difference between a normal mask, and a “coaches” mask? I can’t tell, beyond maybe a slight difference in the shape of the bib. Thanks in advance! submitted by /u/Kaigarulfr [link] [comments]

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