About Ukrainian Cossack Sabers

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About Ukrainian Cossack Sabers

About Ukrainian Cossack Sabers section is under development, stay tuned

Why is it so important to support us?

Just check top HEMA ratings, like https://hemaratings.com/ – among 1000 clubs and 4000+ fighters you won’t be able to find any single Ukrainian athlete or club, and this should be changed!

USA – 192 clubs, 1614 athletes in tournament ratings
Canada – 23 clubs, 184 athletes in tournament ratings
Russia – 79 clubs, 532 athletes in tournament ratings
Poland – 31 clubs, 246 athletes in tournament ratings
Ukraine – 0 clubs, 3 athletes in tournament ratings

You can support us on multiple platforms

GoFundMe – https://www.gofundme.com/ukraine-hema-world-promotion/

RallyMe – https://www.rallyme.com/rallies/16317/iangohema

Make a Champ – https://makeachamp.com/iankyrychenko

PayPal donation – under development

Our supporters

Sergey Kwiatkowski and others

Ian K.

Founder of sabfe.com, Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) athlete